Fiction with an edge

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Courage ... four-legged style. 

One dog risks death to save another on a  busy motorway. 

How many humans would take a risk like this?    

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sisters Noire - Ed Evans

Check out Ed's site.  

A malady creative?

Isn't it strange how some poets, songwriters, artists, etc., can do their best work whilst suffering some form of angst, depression, relationship problem or other malady. For instance, being ditched by a girlfriend or boyfriend can open up a channel of creativity that the spurned lover never knew existed within them. That first hesitant slash of paint on canvas suddenly becomes an onslaught, the blocked poetic mind suddenly overloads with verse, the lyricist who may have rhymed 'Moon' with 'June' is suddenly coupling phrases like 'name tag on it' with 'plate tectonic' * - and the writer whose offering was without feeling suddenly overflows with emotion.

What about alcohol and other mind-altering drugs - do they have a place in opening this channel too?

* Kaiser Chiefs brilliant album Employment is used here as an example of inventive coupling.